Dr. Isai Castillo

CIPAG Clinic

Calle José Gorostiza 1129-1, Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C. México

For Direct Information, or Initial Contact, We Suggest Calling Our Offices: Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (pacific time) Telephone 01152 664 683-5700 01152 664 683-5701

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Frequently Asked Questions


Important information you may want to know prior to come.


·         It is important to book an appointment prior to your arrival in order to give you a better service, contact us at the 011 52 (664) 6835700 or (619)207-4275 or frontdesk@drcastillo.com.

·         For accommodation information in Tijuana Mexico, or transportation from airport to the clinic or hotel please contact Teresa at (619)374-8300 or suitescasagui@hotmail.com  

·         In order to have a full blood test checkup you need to be 8 hrs fasting on your first day at the clinic.

·         Payments Methods at the clinic: Travelers checks, Credit cards, cash and Wire transfer; Money Orders or Bank Draft, they have to be under the name of Dr Isai Castillo, all in USD.

About Credit Cards: Please make sure you advise you bank, prior to leaving the US or Canada, that you will be using your card in Mexico. (Visa or MasterCard’s are accepted but 6% com is charged)

·         It is mandatory to have a passport to go back to USA.

·         All stores, restaurants and shopping centers, hotels and pharmacy In Tijuana accept USD you don’t need to exchange USD to PESOS.

·         We do provide Border Fast Pass, for the medical lane to Cross the Border Faster. For your own car or rental car.  This is a free service and just for patients.

·         We do not accept insurance plans on assignment but the patients can inquiry with their insurance company if they can receive reimbursement of test or treatments done here and if they do we can give you an itemized statement.


For Direct Information, or Initial Contact,
We Suggest Calling Our Offices:
Monday - Saturday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(pacific time)

01152 664 683-5700
01152 664 683-5701


(619) 872 2449


For more information about the clinic, new and old patients can call:



If you have any problems getting through,
please contact your operator.

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