Dr. Isai Castillo

CIPAG Clinic

Calle José Gorostiza 1129-1, Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C. México

For Direct Information, or Initial Contact, We Suggest Calling Our Offices: Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (pacific time) Telephone 01152 664 683-5700 01152 664 683-5701

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Dr. Isai Castillo's Clinic Location
Jose Gorostiza St. # 1129 -1
Tijuana, B. C., Mexico

Located in Beautiful Tijuana

Why Mexico?

 When most people find out that a friend or relative has decided to go to Mexico for Complementary Therapy for some disease, or when someone suggests to them that maybe they should look into Complementary Therapy, the person will immediately ask the question -- WHY MEXICO?. When they start investigating they are very surprised to find that many modalities for natural treatments are readily available with our closest neighbor, Mexico.

    In Mexico, the treatment of diseases with natural substances such as herbs, plants, nutrition, and extracts has always been the normal procedure. Just as it was here in the US until the early nineteen hundreds.

    During the 1960's when Americans began to notice the debilitating effects of some of the chemical treatments they began to look elsewhere for things that were more in tune with nature. They discovered the treatments in Mexico and thus began the tremendous exodus of sick and desperate people to that area. Thousands of this people claim to have totally arrested their illness, after being treated in Mexico. Of course, when supplementation of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzyme therapy, dietary and lifestyles changes are suggested to be added to their treatments. The diet given to most cancer patients in Mexico since 1960 is the exact same diet that was published about three years ago by the National Cancer Institute and titled the Anti-Cancer Diet, a gap of thirty years.

    The Mexican clinics also encourage their patients to become more spiritual by communication with a higher power and transferring the outcomes of their lives to that spiritual power.

    In Mexico they have the theory of treating man as a trinity, (mind, body, spirit) since those principles were laid down in the Bible, Koran and other early writings. In the late 70's and 80's people with other diseases began to show up south of the border. These were mostly friends or relatives of cancer patients who had attained and maintained a remission of their cancers.

     For patients traveling from far away, airline flights should be scheduled to the San Diego Airport. We can pick you up there if prior arrangements are made.


     Many parking lots are available for leaving your car and then walking across the border into Mexico. Parking prices vary. You can choose to take a cab, bus or you can walk across the border into Mexico.

      Many choose to walk across then take a cab to Dr. Castillo’s. The taxi service is very well organized. Just ask the cab driver to take you to the "CANACO Building" Dr. Castillo Clinic is directly behind it. Cost is normally $5.00 for a one way trip.

mapa.jpg (222762 bytes)

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Freeway 5 Ends, Welcome to Tijuana, México

Because of the recent changes in the infrastructure at the border, you will have to make a 90 degree right, before the Mexico welcome sign, just follow everybody.



And enter a straight 1/4 mile, 5 lane one way avenue until you reach the new El Chaparral  port of entry



El Chaparral Mexican port of entry



After you pass Mexican customs Stay on the left hand side. Follow Aeropuerto sign



After the first bridge, stay on the right 



Stay on the right, follow Otay sign


After the second bridge, stay on the left, follow Otay sign


Go into the first tunnel, stay on the left, follow Otay sign.


After you exit the first tunnel, go left, follow Otay Sign, beware not to return to USA, (extreme left).


After the second tunnel, you will arrive at the Pueblo Amigo Hotel-Casino


Now, stay on the right, you will turn right at the end of the street.



Turn right on Av. Paseo Centenario.


On your right where the stop signal is, you will encounter the entry to Hotel Pueblo Amigo Inn and the Pueblo Amigo shopping mall.


After you advanced 200 meters you will arrive to the Diana the Hunter circle.


Diana the Hunter circle


Two blocks and to the right you'll find Jose Gorostiza Street, since this is a one-way street go straight one more block passing the Monte Carlo-Zocalo social club and turn to the right in Xavier Villaurrutia Street.


You will find the CANACO to the right


And the Nissan agency to the left.


Go to the end of that street and turn to the right, on Vía Rápida Poniente. At this point watch for fast incoming traffic, be careful as this is a fast traffic intersection.


 One more block and you'll arrive at the PEMEX gas station and again to Jose Gorostiza street, turn to the right.


Stay on your left side, you will find an OXXO store at your right hand side, and also the back of the CANACO building.


And to the left the new four level ALEGAB building at # 1129, finally park on the basement.

For instructions on how to get back to USA from Dr. Castillo's clinic, using the medical pass click here

For Direct Information, or Initial Contact,
We Suggest Calling Our Offices:
Monday - Saturday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(pacific time)

01152 664 683-5700
01152 664 683-5701


(619) 872 2449

For more information about the clinic, new and old patients can call:


If you have any problems getting through,
please contact your operator.

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