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Perhaps some of our patient's testimonials will help enlighten and encourage you.


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Victorville, CA

Approximately 15 years ago, doctors told Cary Walker that he had cancer throughout his upper and lower intestinal track.

"They told me I would have to have surgery or I would die in six months," said Walker. "They also told me I only had a 50/50 chance of survival. I told them I didn't have the money or any insurance to pay for this. After hearing this, they said they couldn't help me."

A month later, through friends at church, Walker learned of Dr. Castillo.

At 6’2" and weighing only 135 pounds by this time, Walker agreed to see the doctor as a last resort. He figured he had nothing to lose. He had already lost hope and was ready to die.

Too weak to walk on his own, Walker was carried into the clinic by friends.

According to Walker, Dr. Castillo asked him, "Do you want to live?"

Walker answered, "No, not like this." Dr. Castillo asked again, "But do you want to live?

After replying YES, Walker began undergoing various treatments under the watchful eye of Dr. Castillo. Within three days Walker began to walk a little. In the following four months, he had gained back enough weight to allow him to take long strolls around the clinic. Five months later he was able to return to work.

A year after first being seen by Dr. Castillo, Walker's cancer had virtually disappeared.

"The doctors at the hospital (in the U.S.) told me I was an impostor and not the same person they had sent home to die," said Walker after making a surprise visit to his former doctor.

Walker credits Dr. Castillo for saving his life. "The doctor never once was concerned about the money aspect. It really is a miracle I'm still here."

Still cancer free after 15 years, Walker spends much of his time taking new patients down to see Dr. Castillo. "I have seen hundreds of people benefit from the doctor's care," said Walker.

Nicholas Rotondo

Lotus, CA

Prostate cancer

Because of a P.S.A. of 5.7, I had biopsies in October 2004, which showed a Gleason 8 lesion. My Radical Prostatectomy was done in early November, in the Norris Cancer Institute at the University of Southern California. Post-op, I was assigned a stage 4 spread, with both seminal vesicles, bladder and lymph nodes involved. The pathology specimen show that margins were not free and tumor remained in my body. The tumor aggressiveness score on the specimen was Gleason 9 ( on a scale of 1 to 10). My surgeon, a professor at U.S.C., said he'd done over 5000 prostate operations and only once found more serious disease than mine. With this revelation, I looked upon my future as grim at best.

Because of my medical background, I thoroughly researched the options (albeit not many) available to me with this grave situation. I decided to immediately begin full hormone suppression with the standard dosage. I went to Lourdes for immersion and prayed about my condition with my family.

A friend of my wife mentioned that her father lived longer than expected with his prostate cancer, and had been treated by Dr. Castillo. I spoke to Dr. Castillo by phone and went to visit his clinic in January 2005. I started treatment in February 2005 and have returned for three additional courses, each time leaving with renewed spirit. I continue to follow his regimen daily.

When I saw my urologist in January 2007, he told me that 50% of men with my stage and Gleason score are dead after 2 years. I am not dead, and am feeling well. My urologist's words were "Whatever you're doing-keep doing it!" My latest P.S.A. was one week ago, and it remains undetectable.

My triangular foundation of health had been 1) Traditional medicine, 2) Family, and 3) Prayer. To this I added 4) Dr. Castillo, and I feel stronger and more confident with him in my corner.

There is a facet of attending Dr. Castillo's clinic that is intangible. The Esprit de Corps and the friendliness that is shared in the waiting room and the treatment room has been a valuable part of my psychological handling of a deadly disease.

When friends ask me how much I am paying to go to Mexico, stay in a motel and purchase my needs, my answer is a simple one - "If you had metastatic cancer in its most aggressive stage, is there a better place to spend your money than trying to improve your lifespan?"

I am thankful for the love of my family, my relationship with God and to Dr. Castillo. I plan to return to Lourdes in late 2009, when I will have survived 5 years.

    Warren Hillis

(403) 532 0722

Grovedale, Alb. Canada

"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in the fall of 1995. It hit me with no warning, starting in my shoulders and then to my other joints. My doctor prescribed pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs but they did no good. I was sent to a specialist in Edmonton. She gave me a couple of cortisone shots in my knee and shoulder. She put me on a malaria drug to try to put it in remission. I was on that for two months. It wasn't working, so she decided to try methotrexate for two months. With this drug I needed a blood test every week to make sure my blood was strong enough to take this drug. Some side effects were it was hard on the liver and also made me anemic. I couldn't get out of bed in the morning without the help of my wife.

Through friends of mine, Glen and Marlene Paulson, who had been coming, to Dr. Castillo clinic for some years for her leukemia treatment they talked to me about going to Mexico for treatment of my arthritis. I was skeptical about going that far away for treatment that I wasn't sure would help me. But the pain was so bad that I was ready to try anything. So in April, 1996 I came to Dr. Castillo clinic. In the 2 weeks that I was there I didn't notice much difference in how I felt but my blood test improved so much in the first week that I knew something was being done right.

It was about 1 week after I returned home that I really started to notice a difference. I was able to work again without most of the pain that I had been having. The swelling in my joints started to go down and I was feeling a whole lot better. I returned to Dr. Castillo clinic again in April 1997 and April 1998. My rheumatoid level is at a very low level and I now am feeling very good. I live quite a normal life now and I am thankful that I came here for treatments."

Talstra Kathleen

(604) 572 1140

Surrey, BC. Canada

"October 1995 was the first time I came to Dr. Castillo clinic. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was not able to do much of everything. One day I did a little bit of dusting and had to lie down for one and a half hours to rest afterward.

Everyday I would have to lie down 3 or 4 times, about an hour or more each time. Now after 6 times of treatment (21 the first time, 10 each of the other times) I feel a lot better. I'm lying down only once a day, I can walk a lot faster, and I'm now thinking of beginning an exercise program to get muscles back in shape."

Vantighem Barbara

(403) 922 5241

Sherwood Park, Alb. Canada

"I am married with 3 children. I was unpleasantly shocked when I found out I had been diagnosed with M.S. Five years later I was developing stronger symptoms more and more often. Two years later when I went to see Dr. Castillo at his clinic, I was given new hope, that something could be achieved with the proper treatments.

I was given these treatments and one month later, my eyes sight wasn't flickering, my balance was noticeably improving, and the mental confusion was clearing up.

I am convinced that coming to see Dr. Castillo at his clinic in Tijuana has enabled me to continue to be a participating member of my family."

Christin Bowra

(928) 899-4295

Prescott Valley, AZ  USA


Never in my lifetime could I have conceived the idea of going out of the country for medical treatment. I had never heard of such a thing.

 Graves disease at 20 and they removed my thyroid.   Severe Fibro-Cystic Breast Disease developed next.  A slight Stroke at 28 years of age  rendered  the  loss of some speech and memory.  We were living in South-Eastern Arizona and Valley Fever became part of my inheritance in 1978.  A recurrent Variant Angina caused much stress on my family, incapacitating me for hours, often daily.  I was 35 years old when I suffered  the first Heart Attack. Seven years later, very weak   with a lot of pain , the diagnosis was  clear.  Lupus.  (SLE)  1990.  Prognosis, “We will watch and wait.  Usually the kidneys go first, “ the Rheumatologist  told me.  Drugs and eventually chemotherapy would become the  course of treatment.  Some books said to expect a 5-7 year survival rate. Others were more hopeful.  Support groups were not very encouraging. 

 Then, it happened again.  I lived in Apple Valley, California.  Fourteen years of angina, lots of nitro-glycerin, and  a second heart attack at  45 years old. I spent three hours on the floor, unable to feel anything except what felt like a  truck parked on my chest.  It felt as though I had no arms and legs. 

 Hours later and a knock on the door brought a stranger  into  my life. I barely had  the feeling back in my limbs and had stood up when the man at my door said,  ”  Are you alright?  I passed your house a mile up the road and I believe God spoke to me to turn around and come back!”  I had never seen this man. It was unknown to him why he was there  or if anyone was home.  When he learned of my situation I was escorted a few days later, by he and his wife, to their family physician in  “Mexico.!"

  (This was the third time in my life  that a stranger had come to my door with the same exact  words!) 

 I learned this gentleman also had a heart condition.  He and his wife were well known  in  the community.  They learned of the clinic and Doctor from the Pastor of their church who was successfully treated for Leukemia.

Extremely skeptical and  weak,   I rode with this  couple to an unknown territory.   An unknown country for me! 

 I was surprised to see a very clean and modern building that rendered a  very friendly and cheerful atmosphere.   I  was examined by two separate  medical doctors.  Dr. Castillo, who  has been in practice over 22 years and  owns and operates  the out-patient clinic, and   a  wonderful female Doctor that specialized in Homeopathy.   Now they have added a Neurologist to the staff. All information was keyed into a computer in my presence.  Everything from head to toe was addressed. .  My entire diet including vitamins, herbs and medications was reviewed.  Even bowel regularity seemed very important. 

   I had treatments I had never heard of in the United States.  The treatment  was administered  once a day for 15 days to ‘clean out my arteries and help my immune system.’   The treatment was given every other day for the inflammation in my body.  This included a very, very  strict diet. I was sent to an herbal pharmacy for  two tincture herbs for the breast disease! (This I really questioned in my mind!    How could this possibly help 25 years of Fibrocystic Breast Disease?  The last radiologist I saw said he had never seen so many cysts in one patient in his entire practice!)

 I accompanied this couple to the clinic once a week for two weeks.  Then I traveled there and back in a van with several male patients from  my  area.   They were all being treated for Prostrate Cancer!  

 The third week I stayed at the International Motor Inn and RV Park in San Ysidro, California.  This is where most  of the patients lodged.  It was very nice and reasonably priced.   A daily shuttle took me and other patients from the hotel to the clinic and back at no charge every day.

 The most amazing thing happened following my fourth treatment.  I suddenly felt like I had 3 new lungs!  I was  able to do things I was unable to do for a very long time. 

I could climb stairs without nearly passing out.  My shortness of breath was gone.  The angina disappeared.  Arthritis in my knees and elbows disappeared.  Pain in my cervical spine (neck) from Degenerating Disks was gone.  I now had an energy level that I had only experienced prior to my teen years.

  The change in me was phenomenal!  Others  that knew me noticed the change right away.  Two and a half weeks later, hundreds of cysts disappeared from both breasts!  I was astounded! 

 Within a few months, I returned to my home physician.  The Lupus was in remission. Sixteen years of Valley Fever and the headaches and daily fevers were gone. Tests revealed no more Valley Fever.  This didn’t seem possible! 

 I was asked to remain on the tonic for 6 months, together with the diet. I was to return every six months for one week of treatments.

 Dr Castillo  believes in combing regular allopathic medicine (the kind we practice in the United States) with other combinations of treatments from other countries that work well together. He likes to use non-toxic treatments so he  can combine them without side-effects.  

 I met many people from many countries.  I heard many testimonies of recovery from  Terminal Cancer.  Leukemia,  Liver Cancer, Brain Cancer.  I met people with MS and ALS.  There were numerous women from Canada who had recovered from Breast Cancer without surgery or Chemo Therapy.  I heard the same from men who had Prostate Cancer.  I also heard of a few that did not recover, that died only a few days after arriving.

 Almost ten years later I am doing very well.  I have no cysts in my breasts.  I am anxious to return to the clinic for my treatments.   I always meet interesting people there.  Some of the  patients  I met years ago.  Some   were considered ‘terminal’ and given a few weeks to live.  Many are still on my telephone list and free of cancer today.  Some claim to be ‘put in remission’, some claim the treatments have “ kept it under control.”  All  were told they only had a short time to live.  They were told that” everything   had been done that could be done for them.  There is nothing else we can do.”

 I thank Claude & Carole Marlow for listening to God and taking me to the clinic.  I thank Dr. Castillo and all his wonderful staff for their friendliness and kindness.  Most of all I thank God for His loving kindness and provision.

 My name is Christin Bowra.  My prayer is that my story will give you or  someone you know Hope.

  For additional information please call:  Claude Marlow  1-800-296-9881 or  cdcjmar@aol.com


 Janet Stoerman

Aguanga, CA

  August, 2000


I am 74 years old and had very bad arthritis in both knees. Before I knew about Dr. Castillo's clinic I had both knees replaced. Even though replacement eliminated osteoarthritis, inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis was still there and made stair climbing and other activities very painful. Treatments I received from Dr. Castillo made it possible to live and enjoy a normal life. At the same time, the treatments lowered my cholesterol by 40 points, and brought my blood pressure into a normal range for the first time in years.

Anton Stoerman

Aguanga, CA


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May, 1999. Our family physician, and a cancer specialist both recommended surgical removal of the prostate. Friends suggested various radiation procedures, including proton beam, external beam and seeding, as well as chemotherapy. My wife and I investigated all of them, but found few satisfied patients. Most claimed that their treatment was not successful, and&or resulted in severe, unwanted side effects. One oncologist told us that at least 50% of radiation directed to the prostate would probably damage surrounding issue, such as colon and bladder, making additional procedures necessary. A family member who underwent surgical removal discovered nine months later cancer had returned. We felt that there must be a better answer!.

During our research, we heard about Dr. Castillo Ramos, In Tijuana, Mexico. We were skeptical, but made an appointment with him, anyway, and what he told us made a great deal of sense. His program is non/invasive. No surgery, or radiation, or chemotherapy; just natural medication and food supplements coupled with sensible diet. His philosophy is to strengthen the body so it can fight the cancer! I am pleased to tell you that his method worked for me. When I started taking his treatment a year ago, my PSA reading ( the major prostate cancer indicator) was 7.3. Today it is 0.4. Furthermore, my prostate is much smaller, and there are no indications of cancerous nodules. In addition, my cholesterol and blood pressure are much lower.

Throughout this year-long treatment program, my wife and I talked to Dr. Castillo many times. He is a patient and very through physician who takes the time to listen, to examine, and to explain. His clinic is immaculate, and his staff is competent. We are very pleased that we chose his program over others, and urge those of you faced with similar problems to talk to him, preferably before making your choice!.


Larry Anderson

(780) 568 3063

Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada

December 1, 1999

In 1995 after an auto accident, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. One kidney had a growth on it about the size of an egg. I was operated on and had that kidney removed. The doctors assured me that they got all the cancer with the surgery. I received no Chemo or radiation afterwards.

I was called in every six months through the cancer clinic for chest x rays, I was told that kidneys cancer usually spreads to the lungs.

In 1999 I decided to go for a general physical. My doctor was just following up and gave me a Cat scan. He then noticed a spot on my pancreas, over a period of three months, I made five trips to the university Hospital in Edmonton.

Between consultations, Angiogram; biopsies, x rays and then decided I should have exploratory surgery. The surgeon found that I ad seven nodes to my pancreas. He removed the largest one that was about the size of a dime and left the remaining six there.

I was in the hospital for eight days. After consulting with cancer clinic in Edmonton, they told me that there would be no treatment for my condition other than more surgery. My family doctor assured me the quality of my life would be very poor if my pancreas was removed. I would be a diabetic and also have to take enzymes to digest my food.

I chose the alternative route to come to Mexico to Dr. Castillo's clinic in 1998.

I took treatments at the clinic and went home with continuing care. I am still able to operate a fairly large mixed farm and have been feeling very well.

In November of 1999 I returned to the clinic for another treatments and checkup.

With the care and treatment of Dr. Castillo and his staff I contribute my well being to them.

I am willing to share my story with anyone who is needing help.  


Thelma Hofer

(204) 476 3646

Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

I've diabetes since I was ten years old and I take insulin twice a day. I control it with exercise and eating right. when I was about 22 years old I had some diabetic problems, fainting, dizzy spells, stuff like that, my doctors at home couldn't find out what was wrong with me and I took matters into my own hands and came to see Dr. Castillo, which I found out through a relative, who has similar problems.

Dr. Castillo took some tests, then put me on treatment for 21 days and also other days too when I was ready to go home I was feeling much better. Thank to Castillo and God. you also have to believe I have faith in God. I don't know where I would be if I wouldn't have heard about Dr. Castillo.

I've been coming since 95 once a year and I'm doing very good and still improving, again thanks to Dr. Castillo and God. You got to have faith and believe.




Bing Minerva

(619) 474 2685 



In 1995 I noticed that my health was deteriorating. My cholesterol was averaging 260, my blood pressure at 140/92 and often have arthritis in my knees or toes. It was very hard for me to exercise and even hard to jog for a mile. I then started to visit one of the doctors in San Diego for a preventive medication. I took the recommendation for almost a year, but unfortunately I encountered a massive stroke while in vacation at Las Vegas in October 1996.

After suffering from stroke my life was miserable. It was dangerous for me to exercise or jog. My neck and body was stiff, my walk was not balanced, my speaking was affected at times, the left side of my forehead was throbbing at times due to hemorrhage, I was experiencing a delayed memory recollection at times due to conversations my response was slow. Many other parts of my body was affected and could not function properly. With my miserable health situation, even the material things that I have acquired for many years was of little value. I realized that the love of my family and my relationship with God was very precious in which I invested very little time when I was strong. My life was a struggle hoping for a miracle to bring my health to a better condition.

Few weeks after encountering a stroke, I heard about Dr. Isai Castillo and was brought to his medical facility by a friend. On my initial visit, after my physical exam, Dr. Castillo spent over an hour to get my health history and in the afternoon, he went into great detail explaining the results of my examination. He immediately started me on medication and recommended that I start treatment twice a week. Many other physical tests and exams followed including cats can during my first week of visit at his facility. Dr. Castillo was very thorough and caring that he even mentioned of a partial blockage in my arteries that will be treated also. The professionalism and empathy of the staff in the clinic was also a big plus to my medications, it's priceless.

After two months of treatment  and few medications, I was amazed to see that my health examination results were nearly at perfect condition. It was even better that my health record during boot camp training. My neck and body loosened up and was not stiff, my walk became balanced, my speaking was going back to normal, the throbbing in my forehead was fading out, my memory recollection was much better and my response process was faster. I started to exercise and jog lightly. In less than a year I felt young and strong again. I was able to jog up to five miles which was the farthest that I jogged in my entire life. During this time I still continued treatment twice a month, versus twice weekly.

In early of 1999 I traveled to many places in another country and came back busy with real estate business and was not able to visit Dr. Castillo for consultation and treatment for five months. I noticed that my health was going down again. I felt that my circulatory system was not working properly. My arteries appears to be hardening that it was very hard for me to stretch and reach my toes. Exercises became tiring to me and I could only do an average of two miles of jogging. I realized that without consultation and treatment my health was deteriorating.

In mid of 1999 I went back to Dr. Castillo for medical check and treatment. With just a matter of six to seven weeks I felt stronger and confident about my health. From then on I continued to have a treatment at least twice a month for maintenance. I can now jog non-stop for seven or more if I want to. today at the age of 41, I am living in optimum condition of my life and still getting better. I can really feel the joy and relationship of my family. In my situation, I believe that Dr. Castillo and his staff were used by God the Jehovah-Rophe in providing me a miraculous health recovery. Thanks to all of you at the clinic for providing me a genuine service, muchas gracias and happy New Millennium!


Rita Bjornson

(780) 926 4540 


It was seven years ago the doctor told me I had cancer of the palet. It was removed and the doctor told me he thought he got it all. My husband and I was told of Dr. Castillo clinic. We left right away. When we arrive there a simple blood test was taken, my cancer count was very high. Today thanks to Dr. Castillo and his angels that work with him, my test are all good and I feel better than ever.

God bless you all.



Moises Roman


Thru this testimony I want to thank God first and then Dr Castillo for helping me get over colon cancer than I used to have. I saw a Dr. in Santa Ana California in august 1995 and thru some testing I was diagnosed with cancer. The Dr. in California suggested surgery but I didn't accept that because of a sad experience of my brother in law that got operated and soon after the operation, cancer was all over his body. He was given six months to live. He finally died. That is why I decided to come to see Dr. Castillo and after his medical treatments he told me I was better. I have kept doing testing every year now with different doctors and all of those tests have been normal. Last one was on November 2000 and I was told every thing is O.K.

So I want to thank God and Dr. Castillo because now I'm a healthy man. I invite everybody with an illness to come and see Dr. Castillo before any operation. You can go to other doctors as long as they are honorable and responsible persons as Dr. Castillo. because for me is there is no better Dr. than Dr.. Castillo.

 I give you Dr. Castillo my most sincere thanks for helping me get healthy. 

Harry Kruisselbrink

(250) 847 3638


In 1990 I was diagnosed with Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM), a form of blood cancer similar to leukemia. The recommended treatment is chemotherapy and eventually a bone marrow transplant – both of which have side effects I wanted very much to avoid. However, treatment was not to begin until my hemoglobin dropped below 100 g/l.


Meantime, a good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia and went to Dr. Castillo’s clinic. She responded very well to the treatments administered there. In fact, she is still doing very well and, to look at her, you would never suspect she had leukemia. She is able to live a normal life. She strongly encouraged me to see Dr. Castillo and I took her advice.


Starting in January 1996, I have been at Dr. Castillo’s clinic five times. Dr. Castillo agrees with my local physician that there is no cure for WM but that it can be controlled. As a result of his treatment and by faithfully taking the medication he prescribed, following the diet he recommended and getting sufficient rest and exercise, the WM has stabilized. My hemoglobin is now considerably higher than it was before Dr. Castillo’s treatments and my cancer count (called the IgM Kappa M-peak) is considerably lower. I have not taken any conventional treatment at all. 

I feel fine, Have lots of energy and, praise God, am able to enjoy a high quality of life. That includes doing backpacking trips into the local mountains and participating in all the normal activities of daily life. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Castillo and his staff and have no hesitation in recommending his treatment to anyone who will listen.

Steve Katko

Riverside, Ca

(951) 686 6363 

In May 1994 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 17.83. On July 28th, 1994 I had a biopsy; my Gleason score was 8. My doctor expressed a great deal of concern and said that I needed to have surgery to have my prostate removed; he scheduled me for surgery. I asked what my options were, and told that they were surgery, radiation, and watchful waiting. I wanted a second opinion, and he made me an appointment with the head of the Urology Department at Kaiser, then my HMO.

On September 2nd, 1994 I went for my second opinion... I was greeted by the rudest individual I have ever been exposed to in the medical profession, the head of the Urology department. "Why are you here? Your doctor told you what has to be done, or the cancer will spread and you will die." An attitude of... why are you bothering me and wasting my time?" between the time I had my biopsy until the meeting I had done a bit of research. So, I posed the doctor several questions..."Do you use the Walsh method when you remove the prostate gland?" This is a procedure where the surgeon takes the caution not to sever either of vessels, one of which would render you impotent, and the other incontinent. "No, you're too far along for that, you have cancer in both nodes of the prostate." I asked the doctor how many surgeries he performed in a year... he said he didn't know. "You mean to tell me you have no post-operative contact with your patients" I asked. With that, I said to him..."I have two things to say to you... You have a good day, and I'll see you around, I'll be here a lot longer than you!" I immediately went down and cancelled my scheduled surgery.

I have to admit that I had a good support system... Both my daughter and son had convinced me that I did not need the surgery, both indicating there were alternative methods to deal with the situation. My daughter was well into Eastern Medicine studying Acupuncture, Shiatsu, etc., and my son who is a musician, artist, and writer has traveled the world extensively, and indicated that there were alternative solutions for my situation; "they handle this different in Europe" he said. I was convinced.

My healing journey had begun... I started a regiment of Chinese herbs, macrobiotic diet, elixirs, supplements etc. I changed my lifestyle completely eliminating the following from my diet... no read meat or animal fats of any kind, no refined sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol, no carbonated beverages, no white flour... I basically cooked macrobiotic meals, which consisted of brown rice, sea vegetables, tofu, etc. pretty much an Asian menu absent the shellfish, which are loaded with toxins. In a 5 month period I lost 45 lbs., and felt as well as a person could. However, through the years my PSA slowly kept creeping higher and higher. Fortunately, I had a friend who kept very persistently encouraging me to get to see this Dr. Castillo in Mexico. He just sang the praises of Dr. Castillo for what he had done for him with his heart condition. Considering my past experiences, I was not overjoyed about seeing any doctor. I finally succumbed to his persistence. He made an appointment for me and, he insisted on taking me down the first trip... which he did.

In January 2002 my friend took me to Dr. Castillo's clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Tests were taken, and on January 15, 2002 my PSA was 412.8. I was fortunate that the tests indicated no sign of metastasis in the lymphatic system, or the bones. I was a good indication that I was doing something right. I finally had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Castillo... I was impressed. Dr. Castillo took the time to explain everything in detail; he is a very professional and soft-spoken individual.

I was not able to stay for the 21 consecutive days of treatment that was recommended by Dr. Castillo. However, I was able to get down to the clinic twice a week for treatment, and was determined to do so for however long it took to get my PSA to normal. My trip was a 220 mile round trip twice a week. Let me share the results of the treatment as time went by...

1/15/02 ......PSA 412.8

2/15/02 ......PSA 15.4

3/16/02 ......PSA 7.2

4/22/02 ......PSA 5.8

6/17/02 ......PSA 2.0

9/25/02 ......PSA 0.7

I was very diligent in adhering to the protocol that Dr. Castillo had prescribed for me, and in a relatively short period of time my PSA had decreased significantly. The results speak for themselves, what more can I say.... The doctors in the U.S. had me all slated for a box.

Dr. Castillo has indeed made a difference in my life. I would not be here if it were not for him. The Clinic is spotless, and the doctors, nurses, and support staff are professional, friendly, efficient and caring people. I do not hesitate to encourage and recommend anyone to Dr. Castillo.

Dr. Castillo, thank you for my health.


Raquel Andrade

(760) 247-7806

Apple Valley, CA

It has been fifteen years since my cancer experience and personal experience with Dr. Castillo.

In the fall of 1988 I noticed I was feeling a great amount of fatigue and much indigestion and heartburn. On January 1989 I went to the doctor and was found to have a Hiatal Hernia. I thought, problem solved. I did the proper diet and slept upright. There was an improvement, but the fatigue continued. My appetite was good but I couldn't eat very much. I also noticed a pressure building on my right side.

On Mother's Day 1989 my daughter noticed and made comment that my gums looked anemic. I hadn't noticed, even my nails looked pale. I made an appointment to have an extensive blood panel done. My reds were very low and my white count extremely high. The pressure on my right side by this time was quite heavy and my fatigue was quite extreme. They said I was Microscopely losing blood. I was immediately given 3 pints of blood.

Further tests and cats scans revealed a very large tumor. Doctors were now saying that I had colon cancer. Very Scary! I went to church to ask for prayer the Sunday before surgery, That Monday. That Sunday I was informed at Church about Dr. Castillo who had successfully treated many of their cancers with alternative Medicine. As a matter of fact, he was to be in our area that Monday to speak on our radio station. (Talk about God's answer to prayer) He graciously agreed to see me and look at my tests. He agreed that I had to have surgery because of the very large tumor but he wanted me down at his clinic that very next day so he could prepare me for surgery ( I didn't know Dr. Castillo from Adam but I trusted in God leading.) We went. He checked my blood and also treated me with a mega vitamin infusion.

Needless to say, I had surgery and was amazed when I heard from the nurses that I had handled surgery exceptionally well. The oncologist wanted me to start chemo one month after surgery. Instead, I chose to go to Dr. Castillo! I went down to Mexico for two weeks for the first 15 treatments.

What an experience, there was a lot to learn. They gave me treatment. Dr. Castillo took such good care of me. I was there every month that first year for blood checks and examinations plus treatment. He kept close watch on my cancer "count down". He reassured me and kept me calm during my progress toward health.

After fifteen years my cancer count is still normal and I'm healthy and thriving.

Kaitlyn Lew

(416) 484 7440

Toronto, Canada

I was 13 and in grade 8 when I began to get itchy bumps on my lower legs. I have always been a fairly allergic child, so my parents and I dismissed it as an allergic rash to some sort of clothes detergent. The bumps began to get worse, and itching was intolerable. I scratched until the bumps bled and infection set in. The bumps began on my lower arms, and spread to cover all my limbs. Within a year my body was covered in very painful boils (think Job from the Bible). My scalp was covered in infected and oozing psoriasis. I could not sleep because of the pain, and I was in a permanent state of exhaustion. I had terrible headaches, and stomach cramps that never went away.

During the course of my progressive pain. I saw well over 22 doctors. I was treated unsuccessfully by dermatologist and internalist alike. I was involved in a case study at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario (a teaching hospital) and was seen by leading dermatologist from all over Canada. No one knew what was wrong.

Doctor's continued to take guesses, putting me on very strong drugs such as prednisone, and diets consisting of only rice, I gained 30 pounds on the prednisone, and lost 20 on the rice diet. Acupuncturist and Naturopaths provided me with a bit of sleep, but nothing that helped my condition.

My mother eventually diagnosed me herself from the information and support group she found on the internet. My disease was called "prurigo nodularis", and was considered autoimmune. Armed with this information, we visited the leading dermatologist at an expensive practice at the King's Medical Facility (an expensive medical building). She examined me, and again I was told she did not know what I was suffering from. My mother presented her findings from the Internet, and she confirmed that my mother was indeed right - I had prurigo nodularis. Happily I asked for forms of treatment, and how long it would take for me to recover. She replied that chemotherapy or thalidomide were being used for trial treatments, but other than this her advise was that I "just learn to live with it".

At this point, being 15, I decided on my own what I would do. I refused to be a guinea pig any longer. My mom and a friend of hers had seen Dr. Castillo's advertisement in the Canadian Alive Magazine, and research his clinic on the Internet. She called many of the patients with posted testimonials and heard only beautiful things about the doctors and the clinic. The next week we were on a plane to San Diego, bound to Mexico.

The staff at the clinic was so friendly, and for the first time in the last two years. I was treated like a person, not a number with a disease. Each doctor that I saw was kind and emphatic, and I was diagnosed without saying a word. I saw many cancer patients and people with other serious life-threatening illness heal right before my eyes. I was so encouraged, and this too helped my healing quicken.

Treatment began that day, and after my initial stint of 21 days of treatment, I was sleeping, healing, and happy. I was sent home with lots of natural medication, along with some medical treatments to continue on. I returned six months later with clear skin and no residual symptoms. I found a support group for prurigo nodularis on the Internet, and found out that several people with my disease had committed suicide from the pain and loss of hope.

I am 18 years old now and I am so grateful for the chance to be healthy that Dr. Castillo has given me. I cry as I write this in gratitude for Dr. Castillo, but also in a plea to any who have suffered as I have, or perhaps worse that I have to take the leap of faith and see Dr. Castillo. It will change your life for the better.

Felicidad Ventic

(780) 532 0409

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

I was diagnosed with heart cancer on June 1998, I had night side mastectomy. I heard about Dr. Castillo and I attended one of his meetings in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

I decided to visit him in his clinic in Tijuana, Mexico in September 1999. I felt so good after my treatments. I have to continue taking all the medication that was prescribed for me to take. Every year since then I was coming to see him for further follow up.

It had been 3 years now, I felt so good, my blood test are all normal especially the cancer cell test, it's in normal range.

I thank Dr. Castillo and his staff for the wonderful things they had been doing to help people around. above all I thank the heavenly father for guiding me what to do during my stress time, which whom he made every thing possible.


Anne Lauderdale

(250) 847 2506

Smithers, BC, Canada

For twelve years I felt very ill, with all-over pain, and terrible headaches. this forced me to quit the teaching job I loved.

I then proceeded to do everything I could to help myself. I saw at least fifty different doctors and specialists and traveled to places from Vancouver to Ottawa and Montreal in the hope of finding help.

Naturopaths, homeopaths, iridologists, chiropractors, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, and even psychiatrists were all consulted in my quest for wellness.

Nobody knew how to help or what to do.

I knew that if I didn't get help very soon, I would surely die. I was very scared.

So I contacted Dr. Castillo and he said he could most likely help me. Immediately I went to the clinic.

The difference between help there and elsewhere is day and night. I felt that Dr. Castillo and his team, working together, really cared about me.

In a short time my problem was diagnosed. I was given a variety of treatments, medicated appropriately, and set back onto the road to recovery. Now I feel much better and am able to lead a normal life for the first time in twelve years.

Today I have overwhelming gratitude for the help I received and feel that without it I would no longer be living.

Dick Groot

(250) 847 3362

Smithers, BC, Canada

In August 1994, I sensed a discomfort in my legs, and during walking a lack of control. Eventually I lost total control and fell down. I went to a chiropractor; he treated me for 4 days and said I would need medical help.

I immediately said I would go to Mexico for an examination and advised, since my wife was also treated at Dr. Castillo's clinic. I was examined and Dr. Castillo said I should get a cat scan, by that time I was already in a wheelchair. The cat scan indicated that I had an inflammation of the nerve endings along my spinal cord, and blood test showed that it was the result of a high sedimentation rate, in other words, a high rate of inflammation in my blood, after these treatments.

I was in the wheelchair for another 6 weeks, recovering and continue taking medication. When we return home. I received about 4 weeks of therapy in our local clinic. After about 4 1/2 months, from start to finish, I was able to walk normal again, without a cane, and have had no trouble since. I return to Mexico annually for a check-up treatments.

I rate Dr. Castillo's clinic the #1 health care clinic in the world. I thank Dr. Castillo and his staff, for the good things they are doing, and I strongly suggest that anyone with health problems of any kind, to call Dr. Castillo.

Hennie Groot

(250) 847 3362

Smithers, BC, Canada

In 1989 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia (CLL), I went to see the specialist and he told me, there is nothing we can do, we can only treat the symptoms, He gave me 5 to 10 years to live.

In the summer of 1993 we heard about Dr. Castillo and his clinic in Mexico, since my blood count was gradually going up, I knew we had to do something soon. I got hold of Dr. Castillo phone number and called him. He told me to come to Mexico to his clinic. So in October of 1993 we left for Mexico.

The first time I walked into the clinic, and had a talk with Dr. Castillo, somehow I knew it was the right way to go. After diet, my blood count was already coming down, that was very encouraging, and we have been able to keep it under control. Every spring my husband and I go to the clinic for 12 days treatments, and to make sure it is still under control.

April 9, 2002, I had my blood test done and my blood was normal, what good news that was. He also has a great staff they give you lots of T.L.C.

I want to thank Dr. Castillo and his staff for the great things they are doing, may God bless them as they continue to help people. Above all I want to thank my heavenly Father, who made it all possible.

Dennis Mc Larty

(780) 446 9423

Mornville, Alberta, Canada

At a regular medical check up in June 2001, I was told that my PSA was high (approx 6.9) and that my blood sugar was high. In August 2001 a biopsy was performed on my prostate. the test result showed that I had prostate cancer. After two consultations with specialist and much contemplation I decided not to undergo the conventional medicine of surgery and radiation.

Several years ago I attended a lecture of Dr. Castillo in Green Shaw, Alberta, after listening to Dr. Castillo I decided should I ever get cancer I would go to Mexico for treatment.

In October 2001, I came to the clinic for treatment. Dr. Castillo put me on a 16 days treatment program.

My second visit was six months later; at home I took medicine. Along with the medication I had to follow a diet, not always easy to follow but I tried to stick as close to it as possible.

Dr. Castillo also put me on a diet for my diabetes, and really stressed the importance of keeping my blood sugar down.

I have a Doctor in Canada who has been good about checking my PSA level remain low (0375, 1.9, 0.475) and my prostate has shrunk to its normal size.

I wish to thank Dr. Castillo and all of the staff for their expert care, they are a kind and caring staff.

Rose Leach

Riverside, CA

A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer. I didn't want surgery after I found out they wouldn't do it without cutting under my arm to remove lymph nodes. Since it was in the early stages, I didn't feel that was necessary.

I found out about Dr. Castillo through relatives and started treatments about 2 months after the diagnosis.

The tumor is shrinking and I am doing well without any surgery or radiation.

I have many people praying for me also.

John Alexander

(623) 566 0524

Peoria, AZ

In December 2003 I went to my primary doctor to have my annual physical, he discovered a hard spot on my prostate and since my PSA was 4.7 he sent me to the Urologist. He performed a biopsy of the hard spot and discovered that I had an aggressive type of prostate cancer. I decided to see a Doctor at UCLA to try to get the best treatment. They told me the best way was to have the radiation seed implants. I started to prepare for this and scheduled it even though I was not convinced this is what I wanted to do.

Before I was scheduled to go to surgery I went on a cruise and the most amazing thing happened. I met this couple who was dining at the same table. the wife had a rare cancer of the blood and the doctors in the States told her there was nothing they could do so they did some research and went to Dr. Castillo where they were very impressed with him so I decided to go see him. In February 2004 before I went UCLA I packed up and went to see Dr. Castillo. When I got there I was warmly greeted and found the office to be clean and efficient. Dr. Rubio gave me the most thorough physical that I had ever had and started treatments. After the results of the blood test were in I met Dr. Castillo and he educated me in the diet I was going to be living with the rest of my life. The blood test contained detailed categories more I had in the States. Dr Castillo laid out the treatments and what I was going to expect to do.

All the people working at the clinic were friendly and efficient. After my first visit of 21 days I went home with clear instructions as to diet and medication. In November 2004 the hard spot first detected on my prostate was smaller and softer, my PSA was down to a lower level well below guidelines. I am very pleased with my results and I will continue to do what Dr. Castillo tells me to do. I look forward to a long and happy life. Ok to call me. 

Hubert Isch

Bluffton, IN

About two years ago, I was given a diagnosis of Marginal Lymphoma in the Leukemia stage. My white cells were elevating at an alarming rate and my spleen was very enlarged. My Oncologist strongly recommended surgery to remove my spleen, even though they couldn't promise any real benefit in doing so.

We heard about Dr. Castillo from neighbor who had had a very good results from treatments at his Clinic, so we decided to go to Dr. Castillo.

In July of 2000 my blood tests showed the white count at 86,100, hemoglobin was down to 8.9 and my platelets were 82,000.

By November of 2000, after treatments in July and August, my spleen was almost normal in size and my white count was down to 8,500, hemoglobin 12.2 and platelets 125,000.

We're very thankful that God has blessed the efforts of Dr. Castillo and his staff. We're glad that we came here for help.

Paulette Nickel

(780) 353 2464

Bay Tree, Alberta, Canada

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Crohns, I had lots of problems do to this illness. The Doctors in Canada put in on prednisone and Imuran very strong harsh drugs which gave lots of problems. I took these drugs until July and then went in to remission for 3 years. Then I was back on the drugs again for a while and felt okay. In 2000 I was very ill again and did not want anymore drugs. I saw Dr. Castillo ad in the Alive magazine and my husband told me to phone and see if he helps Crohns. Dr. Castillo told me that he did help Crohns so in September I was on a plane to come to his clinic. I had great success and felt wonderful after 21 treatments. Then in December a tragic thing happened to me, I lost my husband in a snowmobiling accident I was so sad for a few months and had lots of stress everyone thought I would be sick again, but I never did. I came back in March to have my follow up treatments and I felt like I have my health back. I thank  Dr. Castillo for giving me health again.

Robert Morris

(780)487 9003

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My health began to deteriorate by 2001, I lost my appetite which caused a loss of 45 pounds within two months. An ultrasound was done, then an endoscopy , also a cat-scan and a MRI. The diagnosis was a rare form of liver cancer.

On September 11, 2001 an operation was performed. They had hoped to be above to remove all the cancer on the liver but two-thirds of the liver was cancerous as well as the bile duct was plugged with tumors. All they were able to do was put a stint from the liver to the large intestine to get rid of the bile. The Surgeon and the Oncologist advised me to get my affairs in order as there would be no chromo therapy or radiation. I was then sent home and put on palliative care.

After I began recovering from the surgery my son urged me to go to Dr. Castillo's Clinic in Mexico. I kept saying no but he made an airplane reservation and an appointment at the Clinic.

In November 2001, I started the intravenous treatments for the next 20 days except Sundays, there were daily trips to the Clinic. The first blood test showed a cancer count of 52, after the treatment was completed the cancer count was down to 19.4. My second session of ten treatments three months later was 1.34. I went back home with plenty of medicine feeling great and very grateful to Dr. Castillo and his staff for giving me this chance for a longer life.

Here I am down for a check up March 2004, my blood test still "A" Okay and I'm feeling great.

Maria Mora

Portland, Or

I arrived very ill, almost an invalid with an uncontrollable diabetes but thank God and Dr. Castillo I'm in good condition, I can walk and my diabetes is under control.

My invalidity was caused by problems with my column that disable my left leg movement. When I arrived to California, my son had to ask for a wheelchair at the airport, at home I had to use a cane to sustain myself and walk.

My diabetes was uncontrollable, the doctors in Portland were only augmenting my insulin doses (15ml. twice a day) which I used to supposedly control my diabetes, that was for a  whole year.

With Dr. Castillo's treatments my diabetes is under control and my column is ok and I can walk without a cane. Goodbye Insulin.

Thank you so much, Dr. Castillo and staff.


Robert Leer

(250) 962 5124

Prince George, BC, Canada

In 1999 my annual medical revealed a PSA reading of 38. A subsequent biopsy confirmed grade 3 prostate cancer which, thank heavens, was inoperative. The only option given to me by a urologist was hormone therapy and radiation.

Fortunately, my wife discovered Dr. Castillo's advertisement in our ALIVE magazine, which we received from our health food store each month.

A visit to his clinic in December of that year was very encouraging. He suggested a diet and a daily supplement program of vitamins and minerals, which I followed for 4 years. In 2000 I received 18 treatments. my weight has returned to normal, I am working fulltime and enjoying a high quality of life. I would recommend Dr. Castillo's program to anyone with any medical condition.


Larry Cook

(780) 354 2760

Beaverlodge, AB, Canada

In 1996 at age 51 I was in excellent health having lived an outdoor and physical work lifestyle all my life, but then I began experiencing loss of body mass and pain in my hip bones. This continued non stop and at age 53 migrated to my knees. It rapidly took them out and moved to my upper body joints and the pain from trying to move any body joint function became almost unbearable. I could not even comb my hair. I didn't believe until then in pain that could take you out completely but  I quickly learned that there is a threshold for all. The pain was to the point where for about nineteen hours a day I didn't really care if I lived or died.

Local doctors were stymied and it took a bone and joint specialist to finally diagnose me with the disease C.C.P.D. (Calcium pyrofosate disposition). He explained to me it was a disease of the elderly (seventy five plus) with no known cause, and no cure. The severity of my case and at my age was something he in his thirty plus years of practice had not seen. Conventional treatment brought no relief, and in the end I was able to move about very slowly and partially function by taking huge doses of predesone, a steroid which within days began to show all of its nasty side effects which in a few years with the doses I required was going to kill me.

I heard from a friend who had been down and out with a heart condition of Dr. Castillo Clinic. And after some research and having nothing to lose I came for treatment. Eighteen days into my treatments I discarded my predesone and a few days later returned home with a new lease on life. Not only treatments returned my health, they had saved my life, Internet research convinced me that my disease C.C.P.D. had been triggered by a toxin overload caused by two mercury tooth fillings. these I had properly removed at the Castillo Clinic while there in their care.

All was well in my life but after being home a couple of months I decided to have the rest of the mercury fillings removed but alas through improper procedures in removal my system had became re-contaminated and the disease returned with a vengeance. I crashed as a result had to crawl back to the Castillo Clinic. Fourteen days into my treatment I again was able to drop my predesone and returned to good health.

As I write this testimonial on May 09-2002, I have just completed a check-up and treatments at the Castillo Clinic. And other than a bit of high cholesterol from the rich of a diet I have been checked out and found to be in good health and I have never had a reoccurrence of C.C.P.D.

I have two recommendations from my experiences with my illness. Number one: If you have an unexplainable disease attack any part of your body have a professional examine any old mercury tooth fillings you may have for deterioration. Number two: Do not hesitate one second in coming to Dr. Castillo Clinic in Mexico to seek help and treatment for any disease ailing you. The concern, care and treatment you will receive there are second to none in North America.

Please feel to write or call me at any time.


Yvette Kinsella

(780) 418 3013

Saint Albert, AB, Canada

It was discovered in June 1997 I had CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia) In October 1999 my white blood count had gone up to 94,000.

I was given chemo and Prednisone, I couldn't eat or sleep, my body started to shut down, the doctors put me in the hospital, I had 4 seizures at home and one more in the hospital, after numerous tests and an MRI they found I had spots on my liver. I was sent home and told to eat well and rest, I was so weak that I needed a wheelchair. We came down to Dr. Castillo's Clinic and got 21 treatments, everyday I improved. This now 4 years later an doing fine, thank you to Dr. Castillo and his wonderful staff. 


(403) 898 3937


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the spring of 2006. My PSA count was 24. The surgeon recommended radiation treatments. Prior to radiation treatments, I was injected with a hormone treatment which brought my PSA down. The side effects of the hormone treatment were severe. After 40 radiation treatments, which appeared to be successful, they found the radiation had caused some damaged to my colon, with painful results.

Dr. Castillo came to High River, Alberta, and with the recommendation of a friend, I met with him. He felt he could help me with the radiation damages and keep my PSA down to an acceptable level, with no side effects. After the first visit with Dr. Castillo in Mexico, all my damages and side effects were cleared up within six months. My PSA has stayed below one for the last 3 years. I now visit the clinic once per year for a check up and treatments if necessary. During that time, he has helped me with lowering my cholesterol, and other problems associated with my age.

I would recommend to anyone that has problems, however large or small, to visit Dr. Castillo’s clinic for a check up. Any of the treatments I have received have absolutely no side effects. I am very thankful to Dr. Castillo, and his wonderful caring staff, for helping me with my problems for the last 3 years.

Marie St. Laurent

Falher, Alberta, Canada

(780) 837 3461

My journey started 8 years ago, a few weeks after my 33rd birthday - May 2000. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and there were also some unusually large lymph nodes in my abdomen area.  Because of the fact that my Mom’s 3 sisters all had breast cancer, one of which died at the age of 40 in 1975, the doctors scheduled me for surgery A.S.A.P.  They also removed 11 lymph nodes around the breast area and found they were clear. April of 2003, I was scheduled for surgery once again as I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  After the surgery, the good news was that the cancer had not reached the ovaries yet but there were pre cancerous cells in the tubes that lead to the ovaries.  The bad news was that they discovered that I had lymphoma-Non Hodgkins disease.  June of 2003, I underwent a bone marrow test and they concluded that it was in fact already in the bone marrow.  The top lymphoma specialist at the cancer clinic told me “Pretend that you don’t know this information and try to live your life the best you can!”  He said “The tumors will start to form within 3-5 years and it is not until then that we can do anything for you except treat the tumors with radiation.”  Basically I was told that at that point the quality of my life would be in and out of hospitals until the end.  I didn’t like that plan so I prayed for a solution to what appeared to be a death sentence.  A month later, Aug of 2003, I found myself on a plane with my 13-year-old son, going to Tijuana Mexico to see Dr. Castillo.  Sixteen months after that in Dec of 2004 I had a serious car accident to which I suffered permanent neck injuries but that is a whole other story. 

            It is March of 2008 and my blood work is picture perfect!   My life since I have gone to Dr. Castillo’s clinic has been an absolutely wonderful journey.  Despite that pain and stress I live with everyday caused from my accident, as far as the “Cancer” is concerned, I have never felt better physically, mentally or emotionally.  The quality of my life is better now then it has ever been and I am forever grateful to Dr. Castillo and his fabulous staff.  I would call that clinic a little place of miracles because that is what you see.  You see people who have had the life sucked out of them by medical doctors because they were told to go home and die.  Instead, they end up with “Hope” again.  That in its self is a miracle!  “Hope” is all we have to keep ourselves and our loved ones going and no one has the right to try to take that away from us.  Getting “Well” is definitely a journey and I feel that everyone has a different path, but I believe the best place to start is at Dr. Castillo’s clinic.  He is an Honest, Humble and Genuine human being and I can’t imagine anyone going to his clinic and not coming home with something very valuable.  One thing I know for sure is that there is always Hope so please don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.










Kathy Ross

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in my right breast. As a journalist, I had written many articles on alternative health and was not convinced that the mainstream medical treatments of chemo-therapy and radiation were the way to go for me. I felt that there must be better treatment options out there that would not have such life-threatening side-effects. I heard about Dr. Castillo’s clinic from a friend and his approach of immune-boosting therapies made sense to me. His protocol is to provide an ideal environment in the body where the cancer can no longer survive. There are minimal side-effects to these mostly natural treatments, except for maybe excessive laughter in the treatment room when exchanging remarkable stories of remission with other patients. My family doctor in Canada threatened that I would die without the conventional treatments, yet here I am stronger and healthier than I’ve been in years. I am confidant I am on my way to being completely cancer free. Thank you so much to Dr. Castillo and his caring staff. I owe you my life.

Barb Oveson

Medicine Hat, Alberta



In January, 2008, at age 45, I was advised I had breast cancer. After selective surgery I was aware it had already travelled to my lymph nodes. Not wanting chemo & radiation, I found Dr. Castillo to do all my preventative therapy, my 1st treatment was 8 weeks after surgery. I've now completed my 4th treatment almost 2 years later and am doing very well. I've maintained a great quality of life throughout the last couple of years & look forward to many more. Dr. Castillo's program has everything in remission. I will continue on an annual basis until I have become completely strong enough to maintain on my own.

Inez Scott

Victoria, British Columbia



On November 3, 2006 I noticed a small bump in my right breast. I went to a doctor and he sent for a needle biopsy. It came inconclusive so I went for a core biopsy. The Dr. set up a time for an operation and possible mastectomy and radiation. I didn't feel good about that and went on the Internet and read the testimonials for Dr. Castillo's clinic. I was impressed and phoned Marlene Paulson of High River. She spoke so highly of Dr. Castillo and Dr. Rubio and the wonderful care she received at Cipag clinic. There was no doubt in my heart. When I phoned the surgeon to cancel my operation he was very angry, saying "Do you know you are putting your life in danger". I said, at 83, why not! Then he said "they don't tell you how many people die down there" and yes, I thought they don't tell that here either. I tried to tell him my heart told me to do this and his reply was "I'm not the least bit interested", end of conversation. I was so impressed with the loving care from the Drs. and staff at the clinic, the cleanliness and extensive blood tests and results of the tests the next day. They gave me all the time needed to ask questions. I stayed for 3 weeks and came home with 3 months of supplements and change of eating habits. I went back for 10 days and the tumor had shrunk from 1.5 cm to 1.1 cm and I was happy with that but one of my daughters was very upset that I wasn't having a lumpectomy so I succumbed to her wishes and have a lumpectomy. Never had a pain and never took a pain killer. I returned to the Cipag clinic in 6 months and then at 1 year. I have just return after one year and am well and happy. I have seen miracles happen down there. people come all over Canada, the United States, Ireland and even Jamaica. The patients speak with love and admiration for Dr. Castillo and Dr. Rubio and their staff. I have only gratitude and praise for all the nurses and staff for their kind, caring clinic.

John Ellerby

 Alberta, Canada

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the fall of 2003 at that time I was offered the option of surgery or radiation. I felt I should have surgery which I did in the spring of 2004. I had heard of Dr Castillo’s clinic and when there were some changes in the level of my PSA I decided to come down to the clinic to see what they could offer me. It has been very encouraging at the clinic, and with the treatment my PSA level has staged at a very low level and is under good control. I have continued to come to the clinic yearly from 2004 until the present, Jan 2010. I have appreciated the kind and competent staff and the care of Dr Castillo’s I have always received while being there. 



Dec 16, 2009 

In June 2006, after a routine colonoscopy I was diagnosed with colon cancer and surgery was done immediately, Chemo was recommended but I choose Dr Castillo clinic in Tijuana, where I went on his program. Today I am feeling great and cancer free



            My skin was drying up, my feet were always cold, and I could not walk. My doctor told me that my arteries were clocking off in my legs and in the back of my neck leading to the brain. He said there was nothing they could do for me. Just go home and take it easy or I could have a stroke at anytime. So my wife and I went to Mexico to see Dr. Castillo, he told me that if there was any flow of blood he could help me. So in November 1999 we went to Mexico for treatments.

            After about 12 treatments my legs and hips were getting better, I could walk quite a way and my feet were warm. My skin was not dry anymore. I finished my treatments and I felt good so this year I went back to Mexico for a few follow-up treatments. Then Dr. Castillo told me to go home and to not be afraid to do some work! I feel real, good now and I also think that I owe my life to Dr. Castillo. Thank you so much.  



Grass Valley California









APRIL 9, 2008







May 6, 1998

I heard of Dr. Castillo's clinic from friends who had visited it and been treated there for various physical disorders. I had been undergoing testing for Lupus but opted to try alternative medicine rather than the drugs used to treat this disease. My symptoms were gradually worsening and I decided to seek help from Dr. Castillo. After 3 weeks of treatment at the clinic and following instructions/treatment for the following 4 months at home, I can truly say I feel better than I have in years. My energy level is up, I now sleep at nights, the aches are much better, my memory and concentration has gradually improved, my ability to ward off infections has been improved and my general health has been better. Dr Castillo was able to bring my level of inflammation down considerably by the time I left his clinic. I can only say thanks for the help he and his treatment have given me.



(306) 962-4519

I was diagnosed with stage III mixed cell type lymphoma in June of 1998. It happened as an enlarged lymph node in my grain and upon further testing, more enlarged nodes were found in my abdomen. I was put on a course of chemotherapy for approx 1 1/2 years. The lumps disappeared about a year later an enlarged node appeared in my other grain, in this time I was given radiation and the lump went away. During subsequent trips to the cancer clinic for regulars check ups, the Doctor could feel a lump in my abdomen and wanted me to take chemo again so I started treatment but all along I feel it wasn't what should be doing so I quit, Meanwhile, my father had arthritis and had heard of Dr. Castillo speak on Northern Alberta. My dad wanted to see him and asked my husband if we would accompany him so we did. While at the clinic I decided to have a blood test and then treatments followed. I return in six months, then another six months, then back each year until 3 years ago, when I wasn't able to get back till this years. The lump in my abdomen slowly disappeared and now I want to stay on top of things by going to the clinic once a year. For treatment as a prevention measure, the atmosphere of Dr. Castillo's clinic is so positive and so many people have been helped by this caring man and his staff. I'm very thankful for what they've done for me.


Missoula, Mt

Cell 406-670-1818 Res 406-644-2202

 I started to notice some symptoms (as I look back), in the summer of 2006; such as weakness in my left arm and legs, my left foot would tumble on a curb or high spot on ground terrain, also a real slight tingle in my left arm, I also noticed I got sleepy sooner, and had a harder time to concentrate on paper work, or to really focus on something I had to think about. (Depressing thoughts) was also a symptom! Although its hard to realize these things as they are starting to happen on a gradual basis, I realized more fully as I looked back, after my operation or when I was informed I had a brain tumor. Even though this did not stop me from my everyday work or life, I sometimes wondered if maybe something did not seem 100% correct. For instance my left leg would get tired by driving my 6-speed dodge truck, (clutch pedal leg) one day I was in the city of Billing, Mt. and my arm went to tingling a little more than usual, I then remember the 24-7 Billings clinic was open for walk-ins, so I called in since I was there, and they said to come over-asap, so I went over there for approx 3-4 hours check me over, no problems at all, so they put me through cat scan and show me a picture on screen of my brain tumor, rated as a #4 glioblastoma-multiforme-tumor, the most aggressive on record. It was pushing into my left side of the brain about 3/4 inch causing alarm and a lot of pressure to my brain. Although I never did have any headaches, I was alarmed at the size. It was located in my right front of my brain. This was all stunning news to me! I had never been in a hospital before other than stitches etc. They wanted to operate R.O.W. they flew me to a qualified tumor doctor team in Seattle, Wa. my first operation was on oct 5-2006, came out good. Recovered well, so I was back to work about 10 days later. I then started one session of radiation and chemo at the same time for 6 weeks, then went to Alberta for Christmas and New Years, came back for MRI in January 2007. Found there was a reoccurrence or scabbing in same location, both billings and Seattle tumor board look at the issue and decides it is re-occurrence. Then I was a little worried! I started to talk and check other issues/options on the internet, some asap. We decide to do 2nd. operation first and then go to see Dr. Castillo (as per my Seattle Dr. request( again I came out of 2nd. operation real good. Seattle Dr. wanted me to go with a more intensive (kemo I.V. style) well I was of no mind to try that, so I left and went to see Dr. Castillo in Tijuana, Mexico. He looked all things over and he though it could possibly help, so I prayed and then decided to go ahead with plan 21-days first session, 2nd time 10 days - 3 months later, 3rd time 10 days -6- months, later 4th time 10 days 1 year later which is up to date as of today Feb 2, 2009, both 3rd and 4th visit my blood work was very good, good enough to not bother him, blood work before I leave, I have been working with my job steady, the entire time and duration of the recovery, 12-14 hours days (to much) I prayed a lot and my friends also, I also had a real strong determination. I will give Dr. Castillo, Dr. Rubio and all staff a real huge thank you for all the good work and excellent care you extended to me! You also have a great facility for your clients. At this time I am merging off my diet/medications, for 1 year if I test just as good in 1 year, I may go off the program. So all the best to you all! If any questions feel free to call Cell 406-670-1818 Res 406-644-2202, I live in Missoula, Mt, area; address 45246 coyote, Tr Charlo, Mt 59824.

P.S. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with any kind of medical issue! They do a great job!

All the best in the future!

Karen Nielsen

Grande Prairie, Alberta

(780) 538 9948

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2003, the Doctor in Grande Prairie and Edmonton advise me to have chemotherapy surgery and radiation. After reading and researching material given to me by naturopathic Doctor. I was convinced that these evasive treatments were not for me. I had heard about Dr. Castillo and the success he had in treating cancer. Having a B.S. in nutrition. I knew that adequate nutrition could build and restore a failing immune system. With this in mind I had my first set of treatments in July 2003 at Dr. Castillo clinic, I found the clinic staff to be friendly and positive. I feel that I was treated like a person and not just a disease. After visiting the clinic another two times, my cancer (CEA) has dropped dramatically and almost in the normal range. I am convinced that the treatments I received have worked dramatically to rebuild and restore my body. my energy has returned and I feel great!

Thank you Dr. Castillo and Staff.

Olga Mortlock

May Pen, Jamaica

(876) 986 9199

In August 2001, after noticing a significant lump in my breast, I visited the family doctor in Jamaica where I live and have always enjoyed a very active life. He performed a Biopsy and determined that the lump was, in fact, cancerous. The best course of action, I was told, was to perform a Mastectomy.

My surgery was done shortly after the diagnosis. All seemed well for some time, but toward the middle of 2004, I was beginning to experience severe pains in the area of the surgery as well as the development of what seemed to be a tumor and it was growing rapidly. I went back to my doctor, who then informed me that it was possible that some of the cancer cells may have "slipped away" during the surgery ... it was back and with a vengeance!

The doctor the prescribed what I thought to be a chemotherapy drug, which I was quite uncomfortable with. It turned out, however, to be a strong pain reliever to simply make me comfortable while time would pass and the cancer would completely take over my body to the point we would need to say Good Bye... not an option.

When learning of how very critical my condition was, my dear sister Pearl, a highly respected Registered Nurse, began extensive research into alternative treatments that may possibly save my life where traditional medicine had failed. She found Dr. Castillo in Tijuana, B.C., Mexico. After she performed her due diligence, we travelled to Mexico for consultation in February, 2005. Extensive testing was performed where Dr. Castillo actually found that my cancer was even more advanced than anyone thought, as it had travelled to my liver! Dr Castillo felt that their regimen would no doubt afford me a better quality of life for a longer period of time. At this point, what more could I ask?

Aggressive treatment prescribed by Dr. Castillo began immediately with visible results in just days! I could now walk on my own and my energy level had skyrocketed! In two weeks I was walking ahead of everyone else! I stuck rigidly to my prescribed medication and my special diet when I got back home to Jamaica. Now that my Immune System was being built back up where it should be, we returned for further treatment in June 2005 when Dr. Castillo felt it was time to attacked the tumor itself with Radiation Treatment. This whole time I conscientiously continued my special diet and the prescribed medication, an absolute key to the success of the treatment.

I returned to the clinic in February, 2006 for further treatment as well as testing to determine the results of the Clinic's medical care. the results of the blood tests and the bone scan were fantastic! No sign of cancer! Weeks from death to an active life in one year!

My deepest gratitude goes out to Dr. Castillo, Dr. Rubio, Dr. Fraire and the entire staff of the clinic for their medical expertise and their human caring.

Deitra Tonyan

Apple Valley, CA

(760) 247-8947

My name is Deitra Tonya , I'm from Apple Valley, CA. I came to Dr. Castillo in May of 2000. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and Fibromyalgia caused by a car accident. After going to many specialist in the U.S. they could not help me with the pain that I was in; In fact they told me there was nothing to do I would just have to live with the pain and swelling. When I went to Dr. Castillo they listened to me and  thought they could help. At first I thought Dr. Castillo's clinic was just for cancer patients or people with heart disease, but I learned after being there for a while that they can treat just about anything. After some time of treatment the swelling went away in my face that have been there for over 2 years and also the pain of the fibromyalgia had almost gone away, the treatment works wonders for taking away the pain of fibromyalgia. I would recommend Dr. Castillo clinic to anyone with any kind of illness or condition. Everybody in the office cares about you.

Irene Belmore

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

I was diagnosed with asthma about 20 years ago. Since then I have been on different kinds of medication such as Cortisone, Theo-Dur, Ventolin inhaler. The last inhalers I was on were Serevent, Flo-vent. Then about 1 year ago we heard that Dr. Castillo was to be in Medicine Hat so my husband and I went to see him. We talked to him and he said he could help clear up my asthma. So November 1999 we went down to Mexico for treatments. After about 2 weeks of treatment Dr. Castillo said "Irene, try now to go without using your inhalers. He said don't discard them, just try not to use them" " So we went back to the motel and I did not use my inhalers. I have not use them since. It has been 1 year now. I feel great! Thank you Dr. Castillo.

Ron Caswell

Bracken, Sask., Canada

(306) 293 2925

In 1999 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I had a radical prostectomy at age 65. Four years later I had rising PSA which Drs. treated with hormones and other drugs with severe side effects. I heard about Dr. Castillo's clinic though a Health magazine and testimonials. I arrived at Dr. Castillo's clinic in January 2005 and after a complete physical, blood test and a bond scan I was diagnosed with bone cancer, treatment started immediately for 21 treatments I return home with enough medication for 3 months an a diet to follow.

I return in 3 months for 10 treatments and my cancer was in remission. I was feeling great.

I return January 2007 for treatments and checkup. I am in excellent health at 72, I thank you Dr. Castillo and your staff for many more years and good life.

Sylvia Schroeder

Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed by my doctor in California with pancreatic cancer. My daughter and son in law encouraged me to go to Dr. Castillo's clinic where I started treatment therapy.

After following their program today I'm cancer free, I'm 85 years old this has being a wonderful blessing for our family.

I'm so thankful for Dr. Castillo and his staff for all they have done for me.

Theresia  Neklewicz


(561) 394 0284

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer which had already metastasized. After surgery I received chemo therapy treatments. When all the chemo treatments were completed, I still had cancer. My doctor told me to take care of my affairs, gave me a two month break from chemo to rebuild my blood a little and gain some strength. Then I received a second series of chemo, as I was getting weaker with each treatment I received shots to build up my blood and treatments were postponed as they became weaker each time until the treatments were completed for the second time. Once again I was told I was not in remission, I also told by my doctor that from now on I will be monitored very closely and that he will concentrate on the quality of my life. Two weeks later I saw Dr. Castillo in Mexico and received their cancer treatments.

I am very grateful to the doctor and their staff at Dr. Castillo's clinic for making me cancer free and giving me my life back.





Castillo Clinic Testimony - November 2012



After having difficulty swallowing in August 2010, I went to my doctor and was eventually diagnosed in October 2010 with esophagus cancer. My doctor explained that this was a very aggressive cancer and immediately arranged for consultations with a radiologist, chemo therapist and a surgeon. The radiologist wanted to start radiation ASAP and try to reduce the size of the cancer so that the surgeon could remove it. The surgery would then be followed by a series of chemo therapy. I met with the surgeon and he explained that due to the location and type of cancer, he would remove my entire esophagus and move my stomach up in to my throat area. Recovery to a semi normal life style would take about 18 months and there was a reasonable probability that the cancer would return somewhere else.

For many years I had taught divine healing at my Church and I felt that if I really believed that God still heals, then it was time to put my faith in to action. I refused any radiation treatment and told both my doctor and surgeon that I was not going to have any treatments. My doctor told me that I would eventually starve to death and asked if I would sign a form giving him permission to insert a feeding tube when the time came.

The surgeon was quite upset at my decision and told me that unless I had the operation I would be back in three months and he would only be able to offer me palliative care. I appreciate that they were advising me to do what they felt was best for me, but I had made my decision to trust God for my healing.

Shortly after this, a friend came to our home with a bag of vegetables and a DVD. She told me to juice the vegetables and watch the video. I did what she told me and the video which described alternative cancer treatments started my wife searching for these alternative treatments. We came across the web page for the Castillo Clinic, read the testimonies and then placed a call to Dr. Castillo. He called me back later that day, we discussed my condition and he told me to come down to the clinic as soon as possible.

My wife and I arrived at he clinic in January of 2011. We were impressed with friendliness of the staff, especially Dr. Castillo who is a very caring, compassionate man who genuinely wants to help his patients. He spends a lot of time explaining your condition, the treatment program and what he feels they can accomplish for you. He is a "straight shooter", he tells you the way it is and what he recommends.

As I started my treatment, I met so many people who had amazing stories about the clinic and the success of patients with almost every kind of sickness or disease. So many of them had been given short term terminal diagnosis by their doctors but were doing so well many years later with some total healed or cancer free.


I cannot say enough about my experience at the clinic, I would recommend to anyone who has any kind of disease or sickness to call Dr. Castillo and discuss their condition with him.


I believe that God directed me to the clinic because our bodies have amazing abilities to heal themselves if we just take care of them. With the help of Dr. Castillo and his staff I am in better shape than I have ever been in my life. I will continue to receive treatments and look to God to complete my healing.


I was given three months to live over two years ago. I am now one of those people at the clinic who can testify and encourage others as they arrive for the first time. The clinic provides both physical help and hope at a time when people need it the most.


I am 68 years old and live in Vancouver BC; my phone number is 604-460-1895 and I would be happy to answer any questions about the clinic, my treatments or my condition.

Lorraine Stevens

Grande Prairie AB



I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when I was 6 years of age. As years went on I lost my night vision and was gradually losing my peripheral vision which is now only tunnel vision. I quit going for my yearly eye exam as it was too depressing always being told that my eyes were getting worse and nothing is available to help.

I desperately started researching to find help on my own. We were visiting with friends that had just returned from the Castillo Clinic and they were saying the clinic really helped them. I asked them if the clinic worked on eyes and they advised me to email Dr. Castillo. I immediately sent him an email asking if he had ever treated anyone with Retinitis Pigmentosa and would stem cells help my condition. Within a day or two he replied saying no he hadn't treated anyone with my condition but he thought that stem cells would slow the progression of the disease or may even may stop it. At that time I asked when he would be able to see me. Dr. Castillo gave me a date and time to be there. I was excited.

 Once I got there I had my blood tests done and a meeting was set up with the stem cell doctor. We discussed the treatment and procedure. I was again advised that they felt it would slow or stop the progression of my disease. It was two weeks after my stem cell treatment that I noticed my sight seemed hazy so my husband said we should get your eyes checked. The exam revealed that I was able to read further down the eye chart with prescription lenses that were a lesser strength than my regular glasses. My vision had improved. We were so happy to be told that my eyes had changed for the better. Once we were done I immediately emailed Dr. Castillo with my results. He advised that I should come back in three months.

In March of 2012 we went back to the Castillo Clinic for more stem cells and had a field test done so we could compare with the next stem cell treatment. We returned for the next treatment in November of 2012. The first thing we did was go for another field test with the same ophthalmologist as before. Upon comparing the November field test to that of March 2012 we found that the general vision was still the same and that I had also gained peripheral vision. The ophthalmologist said that never in their research has anyone with my disease ever gained peripheral vision. She said to keep doing what we were doing. We were so excited to show Dr. Castillo the amazing results. I have taken my third stem cell treatment now and am very anxious for my next field test results in March of 2013. Thank you Dr. Castillo and all the doctors and staff at the Castillo Clinic for everything you have done. I am so grateful.



(780) 353 2464 

My name is Paulette Nickel and I am from Bay Tree, AB Canada. In 1995 I became very ill. My symptoms were severe diarrhea and very bad pains in my stomach. The doctor said it was stress and not to worry about it that in time it would subside. As time went on I started having inflammation in my eyes and some other problems. I finally went to a eye specialist and he said I should get checked for Crohn's as it turned out that is what I had. The treatment, for that is steroids which suppress your immune system. So that is how they treated my illness.

I became very ill not just from my illness but from the medication as well. I would go in remission but only for a short time and I would be sick again. Five years in I thought there has to be something better. I found Dr Castillo's ad in the alive magazine. I called the clinic and to my surprise they said the Doctor would call me back and he did. I asked what my chances of getting better were and he said very good and to come right away. So I did. I was very sick and afraid. Coming to the clinic was wonderful. I was treated with such love and kindness, I felt safe. After three weeks of treatment I started feeling much better.

 By the time I got home I was on my way to feeling like a new person. I got my life back and I was loving it. My husband and children were so happy because I could be a loving wife and mother again. But tragedy struck my life again my loving husband was killed well snowmobiling in the mountains. We only had three months together with me being in good health. I had to come back to the clinic for more treatment. My health stayed good and I was able to make it through the hardest time in my life. That all took place in 2000. It is now twelve years later and I am still in good health. I went to the clinic again in 2009 my health was good just wanted to make sure it stayed that way. I am now happily married again and back at the clinic as I write this testimony. I thank Dr Castillo for giving me my life back.



In the spring of 2005 I found a painful spot above my eyebrow. My family doctor dismissed it by saying that he could not see anything; anyway he dabbed some nitrogen beside the scab on the second visit to his office, he repeated the same mistake. After that, I insisted on a referral to a dermatologist.

The dermatologist’s diagnosis confirmed skin cancer. He prescribed a chemo cream. At the follow up visit the doctor said that I was cured of cancer. He dismissed my complaint of sharp pain, and gave me a prescription for Elocom cream

I then made an appointment at an outpatient clinic in Toronto. The dermatologists, took one look, touch the lump and said, “Whatever you’ve got there, it is not cancer, because it is not attached to the bone of your head”.

By then I was going through emotional worrying! Finale I went out of town to a general practitioner. He started giving me weekly injections but the pain continued and the cancer visibly kept on spreading. Also, my blood pressure was out of control.

In September 2007, I went to Tijuana to Dr Castillo’s clinic. After 21 days of treatments he helped me with lowering my blood pressure and with my other problems.

I am thankful to Dr. Castillo and his friendly staff to their medical expertise and for the care I received, which has improved the quality of my life.     


Andreas Miller

Abbotsford BC Canada



Sunday February 20, 2011 is a date that I will never forget. I had just returned home from a long day at work when I had what I now know to be a Grand mal Seizure. When I came too, I was surrounded by paramedics, my wife and 4 kids. At the local hospital, a CT scan found a mass in my brain. An MRI was done which confirmed the mass and a brain surgery to remove the mass was performed on February 25, 2011.

 The diagnosis: Left Frontal Brain Tumor (Oligoastrocytoma) (WHO 2) with an enhancing nodular component. At the next MRI eight weeks later the tumor looked almost the same except for the nodule which had grown by about 30%. I was told that 90% of people with this type of cancer lived about 8 years. The rapid growth of the nodular part of the tumor would shorten that time considerably.

Not knowing anything about cancer at that time, the news of this brought me to the lowest point in my life. This is where my Dad (Martin) stepped in and researched alternative treatments day and night. Thanks to his research and dedication he was recommended by several sources to bring me down to see Dr. Castillo immediately. So with the support of my wife (Katherine) and our four children, we headed for Tijuana, Mexico.

        The Treatment: Over the next three and a half weeks I received treatment and started to make some life changes. The Doctors and staff at the clinic gave me one of the most powerful things I had ever received, HOPE. The clinic and all the fellow patients you get to know during your time there were amazing. I have always believed that each of us has a story to tell. I heard allot of personal stories from people with various illnesses, but to me it was the cancer stories that I heard the loudest.

         I was determined to follow Dr. Castillo's instructions 100% both at home and in subsequent visits. As a result, my CEA cancer marker has gone from 3.6 in May 2011 to 0.7 in March 2013. I have lost 60 pounds and feel like new person. The image on the MRI's stays the same now and will most likely never change much. The nodule had shrunk by 75% by my next MRI two months after returning home and was completely gone six months later without any traditional cancer treatment.

        Today is March 6, 2013 and as I sit here typing out a small part of my story, I think back at the last two years of my life and it brings me great joy. For the first time in my life I got to spend quality time with my Dad during that first visit. He is still one of my strongest supporters today. I am very proud to be his son. My wife Katherine is my best friend and has had to put up with allot the last couple of years. I appreciate her tremendously and my love for her is stronger than words can say.

 I am a great supporter of Dr. Castillo and his cause. Call or Email, but be prepared, because I BELIEVE!!!

Linda Tangen

Grande Prairie Alberta Canada

It is with pleasure and gratitude that I offer my testimony to Dr Castillo and his clinic.

On March 17, 2011 I was diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma. In March 25, 2011 a wonderful surgeon in Grande Prairie saved my life with a surgery called “the whipple procedure”.  Returning home eleven days later, the next phase of my journey began, I attended the cancer clinic appointment for consideration of chemo, every day I am thankful for making the decision to attend Dr Castillo’s Clinic instead, the treatments and knowledge have kept my body strong and healthy, today is my sixth return visit since august 2011 and I am healthy and enjoying life to the fullest, this was the “best decision of my life” and I highly recommend that visiting Dr Castillo’s clinic be a part of everyone’s journey.

Thank you Dr Castillo and all your staff for taking care of me with sincere affection.

Nancy Engleman

Napa California

             This is my story, a year and a half ago I was told that I had cancer; that was in November 2006. On January 22, 2007 I had surgery on my neck. They removed pail of my lower jaw bone plus just about everything else. They took so much that have to take and pull my skin from my chest to connect it to my jaw.

            After that I had to go under quimo and radiation. I started the treatment and all was going, until one day the doctor said that my cancer was growing so fast that they were going to double the dose of radiation. This treatment lasted until the middle o march, at the end of the treatment I was told that it wasn’t working. No more treatment and no more surgery; they told me: “no hope”, “go home and die”.

            My nutritionist had heard about a treatment in México, so within a week, my husband had me in Mexico at the clinic in Tijuana.

            There I stayed for the first treatment a month, all the treatment was vitamins, herbs and treatment. Once, I was low on iron they gave it to me, this clinic was totally different than anything in the US.

            I would tell the caring in the air, the doctors are great, the lead is Dr. Isai Castillo Ramos, this man to me is remarkable, and after 30 days of treatment I went home to return in 3 months for another treatment. I still felt some days really tired and days out of energy at all not wanting to do anything. Shortening the story I went back to the treatment and the next treatment was in six months in that period I got sick and ended up in the hospital. They took CT Scans of my neck and head and before I went for my six months treatments I found out that my cancer, that was to take my life and the doctors here in US had sent me to die, was gone because of the treatment in Mexico.  While I was there for the six months treatments I also had lab test that came back clear, no cancer was found. My next treatment in Mexico is in one year I am so thankful to the doctor and nurses at México clinic for my life.


BOX 322


            I have been suffering with primary progressive M.S., for over ten years I first visited Dr. Castillo’s clinic in January 2008. At that time my condition was progressing at a rapid pace. Our goal at that time was to stop the progress of my symptoms, in the two years since I started treatments we have come along way toward our goal. This treatment has given me the best results of anything I have done to beat this disease. I am very excited about what we will accomplish in this next year.

            I also believe the sooner you start Dr. Castillo’s treatment the better results you will have.

            Anyone who wishes to contact me can call me at (403)362-0947 or (403)362-5689.



I write this after visiting Dr. Castillo on March 27, 2009, at the age of 66 and cancer free. Back in 2006, I noticed my blood in my urine; I do not mean a little blood, this was bright red and filled the bowl. At the time I thought it was due to the strenuous yard work; over the next several days my urine began to clear. For several months before these incidents, it was very hard for me to do simple tasks or even take short walks without feeling completely drained of my energy. This continued for the next several months until one day my wife noticed I was urinating blood and insisted I see my general practitioner who recommended an MRI. The radiologist report stated there was a 40 x 10 mil tumor on the back of my bladder as well as a 10 mil cyst with debris on the outside of my bladder. I was referred to an Urologist and after reviewing my medical file, he stated that most likely they would have to remove my bladder and prostrate. I was given 2 options: an external bag or they could reconstruct a bag using part of my large intestine that would serve as my bladder. I asked if they could save my prostrate so that I would not become impotent, but was told the prostrate would be removed with the bladder. I left his office in total dismay and went for a second opinion which turned out to be exactly the same. At this point I decided I would rather take my chances and try anything than followed their recommendations. I read everything I could find on the internet about bladder cancer and its treatments, and resolved that I would rather die than be subjected to living 5 years of suffering. By some miracle, I shared the predicament with one of my co-workers and she told me a bout a friend who was treated and cured of his prostrate cancer 5 years ago in Tijuana, Mexico. I said, "Tijuana?" and could not believe they were curing cancer in Mexico and that this treatment was not available in the United States. She gave me her friend's number and after speaking with him I visited Dr. Isai Castillo's web site. I began to read the testimonies of the patients who owe their lives to Dr. Castillo. I called several of them and they could not say enough about how wonderfully they were treated by the clinic staff, nurses, and the treatments they received that saved their lives. All they could say was, "Don't waste time, see Dr. Castillo immediately". I decided to visit the clinic and after meeting with Dr. Castillo and speaking with several of his patients, I agreed to take the accelerated treatment which consisted of 21 days treatment and 3 monthly 4-day treatments, I was amazed because after 5 days on the 21 day treatment, I stopped urinating blood. Additionally, I did not experience any harsh side effects; on the contrary I began to regain my energy back and felt better than I did before becoming sick. At home, over the next 6 months, I self administered injections while taking treatment and several vitamins. At my next visit, Dr. Castillo stated that the tumor was now benign and could be surgically removed without danger of the cancer spreading throughout my body. I decided to have surgery done by Dr. Fuchs at the Minimally Invasive Urology Center at the CSMC in Los Angeles, CA. After hearing my story, Dr Fuchs stated he did not have any problems with the treatment I received from Dr. Castillo. Dr. Fuchs ordered another MRI and the result showed "undefined tumor". Dr. Fuchs scheduled my surgery in October 2007, however, the procedure was ended within fifteen minutes, and when I awoke was told there was no tumor inside my bladder and that the internal walls were perfectly clean. However, Dr. Fuchs said there was an opening in the bladder wall and outside was a cyst attached to my bladder which had a tumor inside. He scheduled another surgery a month later using the Da Vinci robotic system to perform the surgery which only required making 6 small 1/2" incisions on my belly. The cyst (with tumor inside) and the surrounding bladder muscle and tissue were removed. Lab tests showed the debris inside the cyst was T4 cancer; amazingly it had not spread to any other areas of my body but was somehow contained within the cells of the cyst that formed around it. Dr. Fuchs stated he was positive the T4 cancer did not spread to the surroundings tissue and did not recommended chemotherapy or any additional treatments. After surgery, I had to undergo cystoscopy and lab tests for the next 3 quarters - all with good results. I continued seeing Dr. Castillo every six months. On my last visit with Dr. Castillo in March 2009, he told me that because of my good results, I did not have to return in six months and then re-scheduled my next appointment a year later in March 2010. My therapy now consists of vitamin B-17 and multivitamins on a daily basis, I take every opportunity to share my story with the people I meet with the hope that they will follow the same route I took. It makes sense to get treatment from Dr. Castillo first (without the harsh side effects), before undergoing the methods recommended by the AMA doctors. It has proven to be successful for me as well as many of the other patients I spoke with under his care.

Tim Town

Entwistle Alberta, Canada

June 25th 2010

To whom it may concern:

I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago. I have went to specialists in Edmonton and Calgary. I was told about Dr. Castillo when I was diagnosed but I was skeptical about it. I went downhill could barely walked and couldn't dress myself. Three years ago I started to come to the clinic. I seen Dr. Rubio, Dr. Gomez and Dr. Castillo, all were very helpful. I started treatments right away. I was amazed with the positive attitude of the doctors, staff and patients. I have progressed each year I have been here. I am walking short distances and dressing myself again. This is the third year I've been coming here. I give all my thanks to the doctors and staff to give my live back again. If you have questions you can contact me at Box 453 Entwistle Alberta TOEOSO or 1 789-515-1501.

Thank you again to the Doctors and staff.

Yours Truly

Tim Town

  Nick Kwasnycia
Edmonton Alberta Canada
PH 780 267 7382

On February 9 2006 a blood test taken to check my PSA level indicated a PSA rise to a reading of 5.5; I was referred to an Oncologist for an examination which revealed nodules to one side of my prostate. 

A follow up biopsy on March 31 2005 indicated the presence of very early stage T1C prostate cancer to one side of my prostate with an aggressive level of 3 out of 5 and a natural history of 3 to 5 years to double in size.

I was advised by my Oncologist to read a book titled Prostate Cancer for available treatments, when I finished reading the book, I found that none of the treatments offered appealed to me because of the possible side effects with the exception of watchful waiting with periodic blood tests to evaluate and to watch the PSA level. 

Between February 9 2006 and November 8 2008 the PSA had raised from 5.5 to 10.0 at which point I had decided to go for and scheduled an appointment for robotic surgery which was being introduced into our local hospital and was supposedly less intrusive than the standard version. 

Fortunately for me and as if by Divine Intervention my surgery was cancelled due to a nursing shortage at the hospital.  

Prior to the cancellation I read an article in the Alive Magazine publication about the Castillo Clinic in Tijuana Mexico which in turn directed me to Dr. Castillo’s website. 

I have always been a proponent of looking at results as the true indicator of any treatment regime and was very impressed with the testimonials of multiple individuals with various ailments including prostate cancer, some of which were from my locale. 

My surgery was rescheduled for a later date and this provided me with a window to attend Dr. Castillo’s Clinic from February 13 to March 7 2008, and on completion of the initial 21 day program my PSA level had dropped to 1.3 and as also verified by my family doctor.

 I was given a 3 month supply of supplements and advised to return for evaluation and a further 10 day treatment session. 

On my return to Edmonton I cancelled the rescheduled surgery despite the objections directed at me and returned to the Castillo Clinic in June of 2008 to complete the 10 day program at which time a digital examination of my prostate by Dr. Castillo and the original examining, Dr. Gomez revealed that my prostate had reverted to its normal healthy condition with the no evidence of the previous tumors and a PSA reading of 0.1 

On August 2008 a subsequent digital examination of the prostate by my family doctor confirmed that the prostate was indeed normal and in his words what happened to me was miraculous. 

I remain vigilant in taking my prescribed supplements and follow up PSA readings which have remained at less than 1  

I am extremely Thankful to Dr Castillo, his associates and to all the staff for the care that they gave me and for restoring my health and as I indicated to Dr Castillo on my follow up visit in June of 2011, They are truly doing God’s work.   

With my Sincere Thanks, "Muchas Gracias" 

Nick Kwasnycia

Edmonton Alberta Canada PH 780 267 7382 

EMAIL: n_kwasnycia@hotmail.com

Ken Brink 

Rocky Mountain House Alberta


In August 2010, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. My PSA level was 17. Eight out of ten biopsy results proved to be positive for cancer. The assigned Gleason score was 4. 

A radical prostectomy was offered to me as the best therapy to take, and to do it quickly. The second option was radiation. 

I had recently started attending a small church in west central Alberta, the year previous to my diagnosis. At this church, my wife introduced me to two gentlemen that had already been going to Dr. Castillo's clinic for a number of years, for cancer issues. Both men shared their positive results with me. 

I believe that it was certainly God's grace, that after 52 years, I would meet these two men, and they would give me first hand hope, to go and see Dr. Castillo. 

Within 3 days of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was talking with Dr. Castillo from the kitchen table of one of these gentlemen's homes. Once I had told Dr. Castillo the findings relating to my cancer, he said that I should come down and see him as soon as possible, and to call him once I knew my arrival date. 

Once at the clinic, Dr. Castillo offered great encouragement and explained many positive things to me relating to the treatment I would receive there. He recommended a stay of 21 days. 

Following the initial 21 days of treatment, I returned in 3 months, then 6 months later and again on an annual basis for the last two years. Within 4 months of being diagnosed with prostate cancer and seeing Dr. Castillo, my PSA went from 17 to 0.1. Going on 3 years later, my PSA level is still less than 1. 

I am very thankful to Dr. Castillo and his wonderful staff for changing my options, and providing me with an alternative method of treatment and life. 



(604) 588-7199 

In 2002 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, my PSA was at 5 the urologist suggested we do beam radiation or seed implant, I decided to do seed implant. On September 30, 2008 after the seed implant my PSA started going up, and by February 02 2010 it was 11.21 the urologist suggested to get hormone, chemo and radiation, he wanted to started on something right away. I told him and wanted two months to think about the treatment.

During this time I found Dr Castillo’s clinic on the internet, so I made some phone calls and decided to check it out. We came here and were very impressed, they explained everything to us and then I decide to do the 21 day treatments.

My Psa went from 11.21 to below 1 in 21 says and in 30 days it was at .04 this was very encouraging to me and this treatment was totally drug free, all natural supplements.

Dr Castillo gave me a diet plan which was very doable and the results were very positive my PSA remains below 1, and at 80 years of age I feel great and have good energy.

I have come back for yearly follow up treatment and find them very reassuring and I plan to follow Dr Castillo instructions.

I thank Dr Castillo and all the wonderful staff at the clinic; also I want to thank my God for directing me to this clinic and the help it has been in my journey.  

Crist E. Hershberger

R#1 BOX 150



In June 2009 I had a big lump on my neck. So I did a CAT scan and it showed to be a Hodgkin Lymphoma. So I started a diet. I went to Dr Clark and it was no gain. So in January 2010 I did a Biopsy and it showed to be the Hodgkin Lymphoma and everybody told me I have to do chemo, I didn’t want to, but it was the only way out of it.

So I went to Dr Castillo’s and he said I have to start chemo if I want to stay with my family longer. So I started the quemo at his facilities just like he told me, it was 6 months every two weeks, 12 treatments in total.

Later I had a checkup up in February of 2011 and it showed all clear.

This is now January 2013 and I am in good shape, I did what the doctor told me to do, I would do it again. 

 Dale Kerr

Apple Valley, CA

(760) 247-3868

May 24, 2014

I am a 65 year old male. 3 years ago I discovered a very large mass in my right pelvic area. it was diagnosed a soft tissue carcinoma. it visibly protruded and wrapped around the hip joint, muscles and bladder. Because of its size and complexity, the medical community offered me only one option - removal of my leg and a portion of my pelvis! As a proponent of natural alternative solutions, I immediately rejected this advice.

I decided to contact Dr. Castillo's clinic as Ihad known about it for many years and knew quite a few people who had been helped, cured and given hope and enhanced quality of life even those given up by their doctors.

Dr. castillo developed non invasive protocols and as a result, my immune system is the strongest its ever been, my blood work is excellent and the tumor ( I elected not to have it removed), is reduced in size, more pliable, and does not cause any pain. I have no difficulty walking and it does not interfere with my daily activities I describe it as a dormant lump as its growth has been arrested.

It is a known fact that my type of tumor would made a cripple out of me years ago and shortened my life. Thankfully, I made the right decision.

Lloyd Neufville


I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2004 and had radical prostatectomy surgery three months later. My urologist in Jamaica recommended radiation treatment as the cancer had spread to surrounding tissues. However, I opted for alternative treatment from Dr. Castillo’s clinic as I was aware of the remarkable recovery of Mrs. Olga Mortlock, who was first treated there in 2005. Prior to this, her health continued to deteriorate despite the traditional treatments that she was receiving in Jamaica.

I was treated at Dr. Castillo’s clinic twice in 2006, once in both 2007 and 2010. I next returned to the clinic for treatment June 2013 when it was then discovered that the cancer had metastasized to the bones. This necessitated my having to return for treatment November, 2013, January and May, 2014. By May 2014, I lost 35lbs body weight, began having severe pains. I had to be assisted by my dear wife to descend or climb the stairs at home and even to get dressed.
Since mid-2015, I have regained the lost weight and have resumed my normal activities, including driving myself even on long distances. My doctors, relatives and everyone who visited me or was aware of the extent of my illness are thoroughly amazed of my unbelievable recovery. My family doctors have renamed me “Miracle” while some of my spiritual brothers have renamed me “Hezekiah” and “Lazarus”.

The deterioration in my health resulted from not returning to the clinic for treatment over a period of 3 years (2010 – 2013). Since 2014, I return annually for maintenance / treatment.
I wish to record my profound gratitude to Dr. Castillo and his staff for the excellent medical treatment that they have been providing over the years.
The lab test results speak for themselves.

                 2/4/14 7/5/14 13/6/14 22/8/14 24/9/15 6/4/16 14/11/16 18/7/17
PSA          2,241  2,602  22.7      <0.09      0.1        0.1        0.1         0.6
(Range 0 – 4)
Alk. Phos.    456   499     603        149        31         28         39          45
(Range 25 - 123)
Pros. Acid Ph.       21.2                                                                       0.5
(Range 0 – 1)


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